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Thanks for the mention of the smallest indie of the year 'kshay' in your essay. Ironically, the film had not spent any amount on advertisement in Media and solely depended on Social Networking sites and created interest amongst serious movie lovers. The film deserves a re-run with proper visibility for more film lovers to view it and appreciate the cinematic expericence of the year. Kudos to the maker and Rasika Dugal, a truly National Award deserving candidate for 2012.

Movie Buff

Thank you Deepa for acknowledging English Vinglish promptly in your essay. I eagerly wait for your reviews (insightful, honest and not star or filmmaker pleasing) each week. Moreover, I was keenly awaiting "best of the year" piece that you all normally put together at the year-end.

2012 was indeed a good year for cinema mainly due to the virtue of small budget, high content driven films (Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani, Vicky Donor, GOW, Barfi, Oh My God, English Vinglish) that reinstated our faith in the future of Hindi Cinema. To see better scripts, characters and that our actors give them importance, is a refreshing change. Actresses are getting meaty roles and with a good script can hold the entire movie on their able shoulders marching them to huge profits sans commercial crutches as proven twice this year. Even the age doesn't seem to be a bar anymore. This is heartening news as one expects to see filmmakers in near future create better characters that perhaps even lure some of the other good actresses in the last two decades (Madhuri, Juhi, Manisha, Kajol, Karisma, Tabu, Raveena, and Urmila) in roles worthy of their talent and experience. What a treat for the audience!

In recent times, Vidya Balan, is the only actress who has consistently done good performance oriented films and carved an enviable niche for herself today without the backing of a superstar or big banner. (She reminds me of Shabana in 80s and Tabu in latter 90s.) Hopefully her success story will make it easier for promising but less “commercial” actresses such as Parineeti and Kangana to survive in the industry based on performance driven films. Priyanka and Kareena, like Vidya, are now expected to be dependable and wow us each time with their acts. Katrina, Deepika, Anushka, Sonakshi and Asin are advised to pay attention to their roles before they become repetitive and interchangeable.

There is no dearth of talent in our industry; all we need is a little more experimental filmmaking to come on par with international standards. Hope 2012 is just the beginning of a better Hindi cinema and a bright future is not just a movie buff’s wishful thinking :)

Deepa Deosthalee

Thanks Movie Buff for reminding me about English Vinglish. It was an inadvertent miss.

Movie Buff

Good write up.... the only other missing ladies who are worth mentioning in 2012 are Gauri Shinde and Sridevi. They made "simple" look so interesting. One of the most heartfelt movies of the year - English Vinglish. Hats off to them!

Like Kahaani, this movie's success is pathbreaking given that it puts a 49yo leading lady at its center without any crutches of a male superstar or item numbers or vulgarity. Its critical and surprisingly commercial success proves that talent never dies. Sridevi's second innings will hopefully provide many more sensitive portrayals such as Shashi that coasts on her abundant talent, expressive face and loads of charm. Welcome back Madam!

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