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Agne Ser

Wonderful review. Inspired me to write mine: http://theasiancinemablog.com/2014/02/19/talaash-the-answer-lies-within/

Agne Ser

A truly wonderful review. Enjoyed reading every bit of it! Insightful and inspiring. Encouraged me to watch the movie again before reviewing it.


beautifully written...

Deepa Deosthalee

Thanks for all your comments. @Priya, your comment suggests that i liked the film because of Aamir Khan and not for its content or treatment. Which is silly, because at Film Impressions, we consciously try to refrain from personality driven reviews, and personally, am not particularly fond of any of the A-list heroes including Aamir Khan. If Kagti could have extracted as good a performance from Tusshar Kapoor, i'd have still loved the film.

abhishek singh

great article and also makes so much sense among all the non-sense reviews that the so called pundits have been harping about for some days now.


I didn't like the movie, you can justify the story, the Mumbai life and the plot with your extremely good English, but the fact remains that the movie was portrayed as a murder mystery and suspense thriller which it isn't. I would love to see the change in this review (it would be totally opposite) if instead of Aamir Khan it was Tushaar Kapoor in the lead. Common only if you don't want to accept that the movie is bad and not accepted by a brilliant actor like Aamir Khan, simple, don't write the review.

Varun Grover

Excellent. Evoking 'The Son's Room' and 'Mandi' in a single piece, waah! Sometimes, I feel, a well-written article makes the film all the more better for memory. And conversely, a well-written article is the final proof that the film deserved the praise.

Pushker Awasthi

I understood yours review. When I came back from after watching Talaash on the first day I posted,"It's 12:30 Am , and just came back fro'Talaash',It's an experience which never been tested at Mumbai Hindi Cinema before in terms of Multilayer depiction of a Thriller. For Cinema Buff its a treat to take that journey and viewer must up their antenna to grasp the content and soak in the multitude factor which works all over. It will be injustice to say more about it now at this time. So go for it and be a Journeyer along with Aamir, Rani, Kareena , Joya and Reema Kagti"
After a couple of days and reading so many nonsensical reviews and comments I posted at my FB account this,
"I think Talaash been the most talked about movie in recent times, where critics as well viewers comes out with different takes on it and it oscillated from enriching with a new experience to down right condemning it. Some people watch the Aamir Khan Movies to get the weak spots for the kill, so that they can proclaim their cerebral matter of high order and some go to watch movie to take a peek on different kind of movie which isn't yours regular neatly packaged , predictable stuff from Mumbai. It has its moments which could have been tended much better but those points are few when you compare it with the shinning nuggets splashed all over. For me its not a Ghost Story nor its a Perfect Who Done It, for me its a Journey of a troubled Soul who kept his sanity through his work and he is far from perfect Man. His solace been a Dead Soul who sense His loss, his anguish and that Soul heal Him by taking him to logical end and accept the blatantly of life."


Very nicely written. Loved to read the review. Keep up the good work!!

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