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Pankaj Kaingade

One of the very finest movie made. The director should cope to make more films concerning on such political ladders.
Sachin at his best again.

kalpana banhatti

can one get stamp paper in the middle of the night as also boxes of mithai? Doesn't the chief minister act like an arrogant king in not following any rules or regulations? If he feels sorry, he should apologise. Giving away the state's money is just not justified.


very nice movie. very well done. Quite touching in few moments. Worth seeing. The character PD Shinde is very well presented. Sachin Khedkar offcourse well talented actor.

Milind Adpaiker

One of the finest movies I have seen. One overwhelming moment in the film for me was when CM explains to his wife as to why this is not a small deal after she tells him to go easy as it was an inadvertent mistake. Here he regrets why he was incesed that an ordinary pay him heed. Also talks about the power and ego that comes with it.

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