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Ali Jaddy

Farooq Sheikh was known to me through his wonderful work in his films. I have been his fan for as long as I can remember without knowing it. When he is no more, I feel like I have lost someone very dear to me. I guess that speaks about him a lot. I have been scouring all kinds of websites to read about him and can say without any reservations that your piece has been the best on him. It brought a lump to my throat. While Farooq has done his program "Jeena isi ka naam hai" on all kinds of people from the industry, he has shown with the way he lived his life and the kind of films he did,that, "jeena isi ka naam hai"! May god give his family the strenght to go on with their life without him. Amen!


Wonderful article. The first time I was exposed to his work was interestingly enough on radio. He used to host a show called 'Double ya Quit' which was a quiz show of sorts. He did such a great job being the gentle host egging participants on without actually suggesting anything. It was great to see him on screen in Chashme Buddooor and then several others after which... RIP sir, you have entertained and well at that.


A beautiful man, a fascinating encounter, a perceptive recounting. Very well written.

Ahsan Farooqui

Farooq Bhai, It's real, very good artist, mean he can do all art characters. We are all missing him. Last time I met him was in 2012. A very cool and gentle man.


Rest In Peace sir... We miss you.


Beautiful. Lovely profile. He is one of my favorites as well :)


"Actors also don’t grant interviews to small-time journalists who run obscure websites that few people read". Apparently Mr Sheikh's sense of self deprecation has rubbed on to you. But it's refreshing to find that people such as Mr Sheikh still exist, and there are others who are writing about them. Very recently, I was searching for stuff to read online about Mr Sheikh but could not find much. Thanks for filling the void.


So beautifully written. Deepa, you have a gift.

Abhishek Singh

Awesome article, felt as if I was seeing the interview with my own eyes. Too good!

Bijal Shah

Wow...wonderful writing about a wonderful actor. You have described him so well, as mentioned earlier, love your style of writing.

Aparajita Krishna

That Farooq Shaikh is as real & success/publicity less-driven I had surmised even without personally knowing the man. That he is the most versatile actor of his generation & club of actors (read Naseer, Shabana, Smita, Om, Deepti....) I always believed. He could trapeze through a gamut of portrayals from light-heartedness... to cockiness... to romance... to drama... to rakish-roguishness... with far more skill than his contemporaries. Deepa's 'chat' is as pleasant as the actor's characters.

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