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I think Deepa misread the style and tone of the movie. With its crazy Anglicized names (Harry) and smattering of English (with the characters reading and quoting from Shakespeare) - all this is a tiny village in Haryana - this was meant to be a delightfully bizarre Western spoof. Hence, the opening scene - which I thought was brilliant. You can't watch a movie like this expecting it to be standard Bollywood fare. Better to compare it with 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.' Same style.

Imran Khan doesn't know how to act? Come on! The guy was just right. Anyone else would have spoiled it by overacting.

The scene where Bijlee retrieves the ball from the pond is just right and completely in character with the 'arrythmic' tone. It is completely unexpected - you don't find scantily clad girls in Haryana village ponds.

This movie requires quiet concentration and total absorption - again, just like 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' or 'North by Northwest.' It requires you to get immersed in its rhythm. It is not for the unthinking many-headed in the peanut gallery.

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