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Deepa Deosthalee

Aparajita, perhaps ultimately Kashyap was too clever for his own good. Or then he decided to use the system to his advantage and make a film that would draw in the crowds regardless of its aesthetic quotient. I think critics are still wooing him and he's cashing in on that.

But about your latter observation, I don't think 'Mera Naam Joker' was an honourable failure. It's self-indulgent cinema that falls on its face, and rightly so. I tried watching it a couple of years ago on DVD and couldn't get past the halfway mark. Raj Kapoor's best work happened in the 1950s. After that he just kept going downhill. That's just my opinion about a filmmaker I rate far lesser than contemporaries like Guru Dutt and Bimal Roy and who, I believe, will ultimately fail the test of time, although he has the advantage of a bloodline that is likely to keep him alive longer than his films would.

Aparajita Krishna

& with so much of corporate funding gone into the 6 hours of indulgence! at least 4 relatively budgeted v good films would have emerged out of this amount and recovered the cost if not made a profit.tragic that so soon anurag kashyap has got co-opted by the profit-making producer in him. opportune time to celebrate the memory of Raj Kapoor's 'Mera Naam Joker' that had 2 intervals, more than 3 hrs running time only and was a v honourable failure.

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