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Thank you Joyojeet for an excellent article. I had a few thoughts when I read this summary that I wanted to share. I hope to read the full article soon.

1) The balance between portaying difficult real situations of oppression and highlighting the agency of the persons suffering that oppression is a tough one... it takes some genius to get the balance right.... and so far, the best balance I have seen on this topic is in the Tamizh film 'Mozhi'

2) Hindi cinema survives on stereotyping ... though we seem to have lost the older traditions of nuance that our myths present.... ravana is a scholar and a skilled ruler, but with the fatal flaw of lust.... duryodhana is loyalty personified.... krishna tricks the rules to get his job done... it might be good for us to go back in time, to learn how stories that are engrossing and that stand the test of centuries can be told with nuanced multi-faceted characters.

3) There is something to be said of just having some visibility for issues around disability presented in these popular culture forms. Else, our country is built to exclude those with disabilities at present.... no ramps anywhere, only stairs.... no systematic sign language usage in the news (unlike what used to happen on DoorDarshan years ago... what happened to that excellent feature?) .... no easy way for those without sight to navigate our roads.... some good has been done, but lets hope we use this newfound presence of lead characters with various disabilities in movies to propel popular discussion and reform.

Thanks for working on this important topic!

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