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j s pande

the film must represent goa of 1961 and before, to be precise.the portuguese were driven out in november 1961.

Mildred Mendonca

I am from Goa and this movie displays my culture so well. So many of the incidents are reminiscent of the Goa of my past.. I was born in the delectable early 1980's and this movie brings me fond memories of a Goa i used to live in then.. Sadly today its all commercialized..I always thought in my childhood that Shyam Benegal made art films that were boring..for this i was sadly mistaken as this is quite a gem of a movie that serves a delectable and Flavourable piece of a forgotten Goan Recipe.


One of Shyam Benegal's finest works! The movie will make you experience the Goan Portuguese culture, their lifestyle, their music and in the end, you feel as if you have actually experienced the entire happening.

Account Deleted

Thanks for writing in, Priya. Will update this soon as soon as we can trace Aneeta Kanwar :)


a little more text(info on who is doing what now, and who is not traceable?) would have made it a better read.

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