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An excellent analysis of K.B.'s works! Being an admirer of K.B. for the past 30 or 35 years I was very happy to read the entire article.I also have some more views about some of the K.B.films. The entire K.B. films can be grouped into two categories. One, before Arangetram and another after Arangetram. Upto Arangetram his scripts were like stage dramas (even though they were good works). Only after Arangetram he used his films as a visual medium fully.

Another aspect in his films which irritates to some extent is the overdose of Brilliant dialogues. For eg."odippona appavum olinju vazhara ammavum enakku thevai ills" Antoher dialogue in the same film Aboorva Ragangal is "Avar uirodu irunthappo na avaruku manaivi agale, aver iranthathu kku appuram avarukku vidahvai ayitten" Both these situations are supposed to be unemotional. How can one expect to deliver such an ornamental dialogue?

Except these things he has been the best director in the tamil film industry. Nobody can deny it.

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