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It is rare film-lovers/viewers/critics/reviewers/makers and so on can see a film within its context. Apart from the excellent writing in itself, that approach here was much more satisfying! Am sure coming back to read more from you. Thank you for this one!


Love the review....bang on! I did enjoy Enthiran...but I must admit, the need I felt to have learnt to wolf-whistle was much much stronger when I watched Sivaji! That still remains my favorite...quintessential Rajani!

Vikram Phukan

I think this article by Joyojeet is more like an essay that takes off from the film Enthiran, which is why it has a free-wheeling quality to it. I'm reclassifying it.

Deepa Gahlot

Ouch!! But thanks for writing in Varun. We value your (and other readers') opinions.


great article... I guess Varun has the first reaction... Its okay Varun, we dont mind your opinion... Joyojeet Pal.. great article indeed..

Varun Shetty

Are you a real critic??
I mean this article is like a Rajnikanth fan given unlimited space to write a critique on the film.
Let me break it down for you:
They spent 150 crores only to hire the same robot which was used in iRobot, and the special effects are surprisingly horrendous (usually even regular south films have better special effects)...what the hell did they do with the money??
Stuff the robot does, was done in shows old english shows from the seventies. Even Small Wonder the robot girl could do more things.
And whats with the stupid cobra and everything??

Its a rajni film so we expect a certain degree of suspension of belief but buddy, i cant suspend my intelligence for this film.

And this article just goes on and on, I wonder what the website editors were doing on this.

At the end of it all, I would say that this website is my source for good film critique. Forget about critique, this feels like biography of the actors past two films.
The critique is long, boring, tiring, and it has the quality which no writers work should posess- it doesn't hold interest, makes u want to click the next link and move on.

I hope you are more objective next time and do a better job for the loyal readers of this website.
Thank you

Account Deleted

God of all things, indeed! Enjoyed the article and the review is bang on as well.

MGR and Sivaji from the 1950s to 1970s, and then Kamal and Rajini from the 1980s onwards, always managed to create this kind of mass hysteria with the release of each and every one of their films. That way Tamil Nadu had accepted this first-day-first-show (FDFS) frenzy as part of its culture fifty years ago.

In the past few decades, some Tamilians have gone out of Tamil Nadu But Tamil Nadu has not gone out of them, I guess. So, these people working in Silicon Valley or Singapore, usually blessed with a 150+ IQ, behave like teenagers in Mardi Gras whenever these big guys release their films. They break coconuts, pour milk on cut outs and burst fire crackers etc like they would do back home. With the national media finally highlighting this phenomenon for days around release time, Endhiran has had a nation wide release with similar crazy acts as the SF movie hall scene you have described taking place in all theaters across India.

Slate carried a news story on Rajinikanth this time. By the time his next film comes out, I expect Time Magazine to come out with a cover story, and people all over the world, like the Japanese already have, will convert to this most secular religion mankind has been fortunate enough to have in its midst called Superstarism. I hope you write it.

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