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fun review, Manisha!

Here's what I thought:


I love inner dialogue reviews! That is so often how films make me think - debating this and that, deciding what I like or value most.

I am sad to miss Dabangg in the theaters, but at least that gives me time to work up some sort of repilca experience for seeing it at home. Must hire some rowdies to throw things at the tv!


I still want to see it! Maybe Sanity will kick insanity black and blue afterward. But currently Insanity is wins,
Loved the review :))


hahahaha, love those glares and what a fun review!

Pankaj Sabnani

Loved your review. I guess SANITY vs SalmanfanINSANITY is what everyone who has seen the film must have gone through. Very good to read. The flow is nice too. Keep up!

Amol Dhir


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