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The fading strains of thumris sung as if at some remove which imperceptively waft into our ears like unseasonal flavours.Conversations between Sahibjaan and her friend intensify memories and emotions, as we are transported to wide open spaces of echoes ,wavering frequencies and pitches of voices and instruments.Now stand, stretch and awaken to the first light of a new morn.Strange feelings engulf.
Thanks for the lost gems
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tansenique/ <3


can u please upload dekh to dil k jaan say by naseem bano from the same movie..im searching it for almost 4 years

Vikram Phukan

Thanks L Krishan. Actually I have the CD already, it came as a compilation called Pakeezah Rang Barang. The songs that are actually lost are the ones I featured in the video above. The rarest song, of course, is the one by Naseem Bano Chopra. I would give my right hand to locate that recording :)

L. Krishnan

Some of the rare songs you mention are available in a CD. As its an RPG CD, should also be available on hamaracd.com, where one can get individual songs (since most of us have the usual songs already)

Anyway this CD has Bandhan Bandho by Shobha Gurtu, Kaun Gali by Parveen Sultana, Mora Sajan by Vani Jairam, Hatqar tere qadmon se by Rafi-Shamshad Begum, even a recitation (Leke Angrai) by Meena Kumari herself prefacing Suman Kalyanpur's lovely gir gayi re, and a sonorous Najariya ki maari by Rajkumari, and a wonderful Tanhai sunaya karti hai, by Lata Mangeshkar and written by Kamaal Amrohi. He has also written Mausam hai Ashiqana, by the way!

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